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bioengineered for skin regeneration

Slow Down Aging

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inspired by nature, backed by science

Patented Heptapeptide

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Quthero Ethos

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This product is AMAZING! There is nothing like this out there! I had surgery and after 3 months in a cast my incision did not heal and was raw. I used Kerra and within 2 days it started to heal dramatically. I had a severe cut on my toe that would not heal for several weeks. Within a day or two, my wound started to heal rapidly and it dramatically improved the scar. I also used it on old acne scars and it improved the scars as well.

I spent my summer sailing and unfortunately burnt my lips badly. I was using Kerra as my regular moisturizer and after several painful days and burn cream not providing me any relief I decided to put some Kerra on my lips. They began to heal almost right away and I was amazed that I had no scars either. I absolutely love this product and it really does heal the skin.

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